A Handbook of Non Judicial Grievance Mechanisms

Posted on Sector Corporate Accountability, Garments

Workers at Bangalore Metro Construction Site. Credit: Bloomberg

This worker education material aims to equip union leaders and workers with the necessary information and skills to raise grievances against management, global multi-national brands and regulatory authorities like the labour department. The Handbook of Non-Judicial Grievance Mechanisms focuses particularly on non-adjudicated ways of making complaints. The scope of this manual covers various non-judicial grievance mechanisms available for garment workers at three levels – (a) Local/Regional (b) National (c) International.

The objective of the manual is to benefit unions and workers by informing them about effective methods of raising grievances pertaining to the labour laws. A good knowledge of the ways in which voluntary codes and social audit mechanisms functions will be a step further in helping workers take up issues with multi-national brands sourcing from local factories.