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Brainstorming for a
collective course of action focusing on educating workers on their rights & supporting vulnerable sections of workers.

NGO Coalition on Youth and Migrant Labour

On February 14, 2017, as love was being celebrated the world over, a group of NGOs united around their commitment to young migrant workers. The meeting was convened by Cividep in collaboration with Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth development (RGNIYD), Sriperumbudur. Tapping into their extensive engagement with marginalized communities around Chennai, the gathering identified… Read more »

SEZ on the Chennai-Bangalore highway -home to many electronics companies

From Temple-Town to Industrial-Hub: through the eyes of young workers

Activists of Cividep, a labour rights organisation, recently met with a group of young women from Thirupandhiyur who work at an electronics factory in Sriperumbudur. Thirupandhiyur is a small village in Kancheepuram District of Tamil Nadu, South India. This blog while sketching the region’s fast-paced industrialization, casts a glance at the changes through the eyes… Read more »

GoodElectronics demands on the EICC

New Internationalist blog on the ‘disposable’ workforce that bears the brunt of the great Indian growth

Anibel Ferus-Comelo (Programme Manager – Electronics Sector) from CIvidep India explains how a disposable workforce is bearing the brunt of Indian economic growth in a blog published by New Internationalist.

This heavily pregnant woman with a young child has just finished her shift at a garment factory.

Are global brands truly minding the gap? Cividep Responds to Global Brands

In 2014, Future in Our Hands (Framtiden i våre hender), Norway and Cividep India jointly conducted a study comparing working conditions and wages in two global supply chains that cater to the European market and have links to South India. The report, which was published in February 2015, concluded that the working conditions in both the supply chains are below universally… Read more »

contract labour

Handbook on Labour Laws II

Cividep is a member of the Good Electronics Network from India, and has been working on a handbook for factory workers on Indian labour laws in that country. The handbook is part of our Worker Education Series and six chapters have been made available. Several labour laws including the Minimum Wages Act, Maternity Benefits Act,… Read more »

This heavily pregnant woman with a young child has just finished her shift at a garment factory.

Mind the Gap: How the global brands are not doing enough to ensure a dignified life for workers in the garment and electronics industry in India

Future in Our Hands (Framtiden i våre hender), Norway and Cividep India jointly conducted a study comparing working conditions and wages in two global supply chains that cater to the European market and have links to South India. These are the garment industry in Bangalore that produces apparel for well-known European retailers like H&M and… Read more »


Nokia Disconnected

This report tracks the main decisions made by Nokia throughout three phases of its recent history: leading the mobile phone business (1998-2007), the years of decline (2007-2013) and the sale of Nokia’s mobile phone business to Microsoft (2013-2015). The report illustrates how workers at Nokia’s manufacturing sites and its supplier companies were systematically unable to… Read more »


An introduction to Cividep

Gopinath Parakuni
General Secretary, Cividep-India

The seams from the skin – a film by No Dust Films

“The Seams of the Skin” A documentary on the Indian garment sector by No Dust films

No Dust Films, a documentary film team of four has shot this documentary which denounces the abuses in the garment industry in the Indian Subcontinent and shows the women workers’ fight for their rights that have never protected them. While the documentary will be released soon No Dust Films is introducing themselves with the short… Read more »

Nokia disconnecting with people

Thousands of Electronics Workers in India are losing their jobs

We, civil society organisations from India and around the world are highly concerned about the recent spree of retrenching electronics workers in the Sriperumbudur industrial area in Tamil Nadu, India. The trend was set when Nokia India Pvt. Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Finish multinational Nokia Corporation, started to lay off workers in April… Read more »