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Yumi Hwang (1985~2007) and her father. She died of leukemia
after working at a Samsung semiconductor factory.

Global health and justice groups demand that TCO Development withdraw its sustainability certification award for Samsung’s S4 Smartphone

Occupational and Environmental health and justice and workers’ rights groups from Asia, Europe and North America today issued a joint statement condemning TCO Development – the Swedish certification organization – for awarding its first “Sustainability Certification” to Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Smartphone, in spite of the fact that Samsung has been severely criticized in South Korea and elsewhere for… Read more »


1st Electronics Sector Roundtable India

This report covers the proceedings and discussions during the 1st Electronic Sector Roundtable in India, conducted on 30th November in Chennai. This roundtable was a joint initiative by Cividep India and Social Accountability International (SAI) to bring together local as well as global stakeholders and enable dialogue through discussion on industry challenges as well as… Read more »

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Working and Living Conditions in Special Economic Zones

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Shiny Phone – Paltry Pay

Due to low wages many mobile phone manufacturing workers are forced to share houses which are often in very poor condition. While working for multinational companies their wages are not enough to cover basic living needs.

Many factory managers claim that workers are happy and do not need a union - Cividep insists every worker has the right to organise and bargain collectively

I am Happy…

Artist’s impression of discussion on freedom of association at GoodElectronics and makeITfair Round Table with the electronics industry, 9-10 May, Amsterdam. By Maarten Wolterink.

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Indian Express: Cell Phone Industries exploit workers

The mobile phone revolution might have made ‘mobility’ easy on the common man’s pockets, but for employees of mobile manufacturing companies functioning from Special Economic Zones around Chennai, near-empty pockets seem to be quite common, says a recent study.

Entrance to Nokia Telecom Park

Phony Equality

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Phony Equality

This report focuses on labour rights in the mobile phone industry in India and addresses working conditions in export processing zones such as the Nokia Tech Park near Chennai

Changing Industrial Relations in India’s Mobile Phone Manufacturing Industry

Changing Industrial Relations in India’s Mobile Phone Manufacturing Industry

Decent employment is still an elusive concept in the mobile manufacturing industry. Precarious employment in the form of temporary, contract, probationary and apprentice jobs is the norm. Will this change with the recent unionization of one of the world’s top mobile manufacturer – Nokia?


Corporate Geography, Labour Conditions and Environmental Standards in the Mobile Manufacturing Industry in India

This report maps out the major trends in mobile manufacturing in India since 2006, including a snapshot of the structure, size and value of the industry and portraits in brief of the companies currently operating in India.