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Caution! Women at Work: Surveillance in Garments Factories

As a part of a broader study on surveillance, Nayanthara Ranganathan reports about the use of CCTV cameras in garments manufacturing factories in Bangalore


Implementation of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act, 2013 in the garment sector – an Event Report

As part of the study on Human Rights and Grievance Mechanisms, Cividep aims to urge state authorities to clarify the role and responsibility of various departments for stricter implementation of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act, 2013. As a first step, Cividep brought together a small group of experts – CSOs, legal practitioners, activists, union members etc. – on 16… Read more »


Street Play on Issues of the Garment Workers

As a part of the Migrant workers project (SYMPANY), Cividep and India Committee of Netherlands, worked along with Garment Labour Union(GLU) to improve the functioning of the union and increase in membership along. One of the activities undertaken for this project was organising street plays near the garment factories in Peenya. The video shows one of the street… Read more »


19 Public Reports published by Corporate Accountability Research

Corporate Accountability Research had recently launched the findings of five years of research and analysis animated by questions about how a growing class of non-judicial redress mechanisms operates in practice to enable access to remedy for people affected by human rights abuses. These reports provide a complex and detailed analysis of the role played by these… Read more »


Cividep & FWF train women in garment sector

Cividep along with Fair Wear Foundation conducted a Supervisory Training Programme for women in the garment sector. As a part this programme, we trained 11 women from Birdy Exports who are to be potential supervisors. These women underwent both Technical and Non-Technical training.  


Roundtable Meeting on Living Wages in the Garment Sector

On 17th June 2016, over 40 academicians, trade union activists, suppliers, brands and representatives of civil society organizations attended the roundtable meeting on the living wage issue organized by Cividep India in Bangalore, India. Mind the Gap: How the global brands are not doing enough to ensure a dignified life for workers in the garment… Read more »


Eliminating Violence against Women at Work

Sisters for Change partnered with Munnade, a local NGO working to support women garment workers with close ties to the only women-led garment worker union in Karnataka, The Garment Labour Union (GLU). The organisation held workshops to raise awareness amongst garment workers and also  conducted a survey to evidence the scale of violence and harassment…. Read more »

This heavily pregnant woman with a young child has just finished her shift at a garment factory.

Cividep India to organise a Roundtable Meeting on Living Wages

On Friday the 17th of June, Cividep India will be hosting a gathering of trade unions, civil society organizations, supplier representatives, brands and researchers in Bangalore. The Roundtable Meeting is organized in the back-ground of the publication of the ‘Mind the Gap’ report on living wage by Future in Our Hands, Norway and Cividep India, with the aim of understanding the ‘state of… Read more »

Many women garment workers have to face verbal abuse and harassment on a daily basis

Cividep presents new study ‘Challenges and Prospects for Decent Employment in Tamil Nadu’s Spinning Mills’ at Speakers Tour in Germany

Cividep’s partner organisation FEMNET is organising a speakers tour through Germany from 9th till 20th May 2016. Cividep’s consultant researcher Dr. Anibel Ferus-Comelo, author of the study as well as Mary Viyakula, a representative of the NGO SAVE (Social Awareness & Voluntary Education) report about human rights violations through the Sumangali labour practice in Indian spinning mills… Read more »

This heavily pregnant woman with a young child has just finished her shift at a garment factory.

Are global brands truly minding the gap? Cividep Responds to Global Brands

In 2014, Future in Our Hands (Framtiden i våre hender), Norway and Cividep India jointly conducted a study comparing working conditions and wages in two global supply chains that cater to the European market and have links to South India. The report, which was published in February 2015, concluded that the working conditions in both the supply chains are below universally… Read more »