The GoodElectronics Network is an international network of NGOs, trade unions, research organisations, CSOs, academia and individual activists that are concerned about human rights, labour conditions and sustainability issues in the global electronics supply chain.

Cividep India is member of the GoodElectronics Steering Committee.

GoodElectronics aims to bring about lasting improvement for workers along the electronics supply chain – from miners to factory workers and waste workers – who suffer unhealthy labour conditions, long hours of work and low wages. Through information sharing, campaigning, research, monitoring, and critical engagement with the electronics industry, GoodElectronics seeks to address corporate abuse and enhance empowerment of workers and their communities.

The GoodElectronics Network has formulated Common Demands on the electronics industry. These demands apply throughout the entire production cycle, from the mining of minerals used in electronics products, to the manufacturing phase, and the recycling and disposal of electronics waste, in each company’s own operations, those of their contractors and subcontractors, and in their entire supply chain.

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GoodElectronics is hosted by Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. For more information, please contact the international network coordinator at