Do We Buy It? A joint research by Labour Behind the Label (LBL) and Cividep India, shows brand commitments on living wage to be misleading

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‘Do We Buy It? is a new joint report by Labour Behind the Label (LBL) and Cividep India looking into the stories behind two leading high-street brands, M&S and H&M, who have made claims to be ensuring a fair living wage for workers who make their clothes.

The report shows that garment workers at Marks & Spencer suppliers in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh continue to be paid poorly, forced to live in abject poverty, sharing slum housing and often subjected to illegal levels of overtime work – of up to 110 hours a month over contracted hours. Over 60% of the workers interviewed were struggling with mounting debt just to meet their basic needs.

Authors: Anna McMullen and Sanjita Majumder (India section)
Researchers: Kavya Thangam, Priyalal Sirisena, Heather Stilwell, Joel Preston


Labour Behind the Label and Cividep India