Since October 2013 Cividep, in partnership with Home Workers Worldwide – UK, has been working among women workers involved in sewing leather shoe uppers in and around Ambur in Tamil Nadu. Cividep has been running an activity-cum-tuition center for the children of home workers and women factory workers.

In February 2015, Cividep conducted a fact-finding mission in Ranipet after an accident that resulted in the death of ten tannery workers at a Common Effluent Treatment Plant. Cividep’s investigation into the reasons for the tragedy and compensation for the workers’ families has led to new research on occupational health and safety of workers employed at tanneries in Tamil Nadu.


Home Workers Worldwide Project – Self Help Groups for Homeworkers in Ambur

Cividep’s work here is primarily around Ambur and Ranipet in Tamil Nadu, which have a large number of tanneries and employ workers from various marginalized and minority communities. Most workers engaged at the leather tanneries and shoe factories supply cheap labour for global brands, they work in extremely precarious conditions. Ambur in particular has many women home-workers who sew shoe uppers for the footwear companies in the area. Cividep is also in the process of initiating a Workers’ Resource Centre to benefit homeworkers through Self Help Groups (SHGs) and other activities related to their health and well-being.

Study of Occupational Health and Safety Conditions in Tanneries in Tamil Nadu

In the aftermath of the mishap at the Ranipet tanneries CETP, Cividep has undertaken a research project to explore the state of occupational health and safety in three tanneries in Ranipet and Chennai.