An Inquiry into the Death of Ten Tannery Workers at the Common Effluent Treatment Plant in Ranipet, Tamil Nadu on January 31, 2015 (February 2015 – May 2015)

In the early hours of 31st January 2015, an accident at a Common Effluent Treatment Plant in Ranipet, Tamil Nadu led to the death of ten tannery workers. The workers – most of whom were migrants from the eastern state of West Bengal – drowned in toxic slurry after one wall of a Secure Land Fill (SLF)… Read more »


Nokia Disconnected

This report tracks the main decisions made by Nokia throughout three phases of its recent history: leading the mobile phone business (1998-2007), the years of decline (2007-2013) and the sale of Nokia’s mobile phone business to Microsoft (2013-2015). The report illustrates how workers at Nokia’s manufacturing sites and its supplier companies were systematically unable to… Read more »


Early Childhood Care in Bangalore’s Garment Industry

Several civil society organisations in Bangalore have been working to improve child care in garment factories over the past few years. In cooperation with the German women’s organisation FEMNET and with financial support from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Cividep India has undertaken a project to improve existing crèches in Bangalore’s… Read more »

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How to use the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in company research and advocacy

This guide aims to provide concrete support, guidance and a uniform reference framework for CSOs in using the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. These Guiding Principles can be utilised to address the responsibility of business to respect human rights and thereby support local communities, workers and other rights holders to ensure fulfillment… Read more »

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Global expectations on Indian operations

This report investigates if Stora Enso’s ambition “Do good for the people and the planet” is put into action at Stora Enso Inpac, a mill located in Chennai, the state of Tamil Nadu, South India. Stora Enso Inpac is specialised in producing various kinds of paper-based consumer packaging products. Workers at Stora Enso Inpac’s logistics… Read more »

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Calling for Corporate Accountability

The OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises are a unique, government-backed international corporate accountability mechanism aimed at encouraging responsible business behaviour around the world. They define standards for socially and environmentally responsible corporate behaviour and proscribe procedures for resolving disputes between corporations and the communities or individuals negatively affected by corporate activities.


1st Electronics Sector Roundtable India

This report covers the proceedings and discussions during the 1st Electronic Sector Roundtable in India, conducted on 30th November in Chennai. This roundtable was a joint initiative by Cividep India and Social Accountability International (SAI) to bring together local as well as global stakeholders and enable dialogue through discussion on industry challenges as well as… Read more »

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Working and Living Conditions in Special Economic Zones

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Taking Care of Business

Every day, women leave their children behind to enter factory gates and begin their work-day anxious about the safety and security of their young ones. Anxiety about children can translate into lower productivity, absenteeism and worker attrition, making pre-school children’s welfare an employment-related concern. This report looks into causes, impacts and potential solutions for childcare in… Read more »

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Statutory Crèches in Bangalore’s Garment Industry