Cividep conducts a policy workshop on Plantations Labour Act – Snapshots from Guwahati

A one- day policy workshop on Plantations Labour Act reform for the Assam tea sector was organised at the Blue Moon Hotel in Guwahati on 30th September, 2016 by Cividep India, PAJHRA (Promotion and Advancement of Justice, Harmony and Rights of Adivasis) and PAD (People’s Action for Development). The workshop had 33 participants, including representatives… Read more »


Cividep & FWF train women in garment sector

Cividep along with Fair Wear Foundation conducted a Supervisory Training Programme for women in the garment sector. As a part this programme, we trained 11 women from Birdy Exports who are to be potential supervisors. These women underwent both Technical and Non-Technical training.  


Improving Childcare in Bangalore’s Garment Factories

Presenting images from the Round table Meeting conducted by Cividep to improve childcare facilities available for workers in the garment factories of Karnataka. [Images by: Sanjita Majumder]  


Worker Resource Centre Inaugurated for Migrant Workers in Bangalore

In recent years, the garment sector in Bangalore has seen a steady rise in the number of migrant workers employed at various factories. Cividep has undertaken a project to address the issues and problems confronting these workers, which we have named ‘From Modern Slavery to Self Reliance’. As part of this project, we have set… Read more »


An event on Garment Factory Creches and Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)

Cividep hosted an event on how creches at garment factories in Bangalore are presently functioning and India’s Early Childhood Care and Education Policy on Friday, the  14th of August, 2015. Thirty junior HR employees and welfare officers from garment factories, who are in charge of overseeing the factory creches, participated in the workshop.


Images from May Day 2015

On the annual May Day 2015, the Garment Labour Union (GLU) in collaboration with Cividep held a rally from the MES Colony Bus stop in the Peenya Industrial Area, where over 600 garment workers from 20 factories all across Bangalore City came together. [Images by Sanjita Majumder]

Many factory managers claim that workers are happy and do not need a union - Cividep insists every worker has the right to organise and bargain collectively

I am Happy…

Artist’s impression of discussion on freedom of association at GoodElectronics and makeITfair Round Table with the electronics industry, 9-10 May, Amsterdam. By Maarten Wolterink.


Pictures from a Factory Visit

Most of the women working in these factories are married. When they finish their shifts they must return home to carry out their chores as wives and mothers.

Garment Factories

Although Western consumers have put pressure on clothing manufacturers to improve health and safety within the factories the treatment of the workers is still major concern.  This gallery features women that have lost children, been subject to terrible sexual harassment and some children that have been orphaned due to such harassment.  The treatment of the… Read more »