We work to empower workers and communities and to ensure that businesses comply with human rights, labour rights and environmental standards. With this objective, we educate workers, study effects of corporate conduct, dialogue with various stakeholders and advocate for policy change.

Cividep was formed in the year 2000. It helps to educate workers about their rights and it campaigns for corporate accountability together with other like-minded organisations and individuals.

Our research has been in the electronics, garments, mining and banking sectors. Our workers’ rights initiatives have been in the garments, electronics manufacturing and plantation sectors.

Cividep works to ensure that human rights abuses, environmental damage, corrupt practices and violation of worker’s rights by companies are addressed.

Our Aims

  • To safeguard the rights of workers and communities in a rapidly globalising world and to hold corporates accountable for their multifarious impacts on society.
  • Help workers exercise freedom at work including freedom of association and right to collective bargaining.
    See Garments Sector, Electronics Sector, Coffee & Tea Sector
  • Ensure that companies respect human rights and conduct business in a socially responsible manner. With partners in India and abroad, we engage in educational, research, campaigning and advocacy activities to ensure responsible corporate behaviour.
    See Corporate Accountability
  • We are part of national and global networks of organisations which helps us to draw from their experiences and work in a concerted manner.
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